Report an Incident

To Report, Call Us!

Emergency Number

(402) 280-2911

Business Number

(402) 280-2104

The Department of Public Safety at Creighton University is open 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. 

If you have an incident you would like to report, an emergency, or need help in some manner, please call us immediately. 

Business Phone:  (402) 280-2104
Emergency Phone:  (402) 280-2911

Please Note:  Please be sure to add these numbers to your mobile phone address book!

To Report an Incident in Person 

Public Safety is located in the Schneider Building at 2222 Burt Street, on the East side of the 23rd and Burt intersection.  We are open at all times at this location to serve the students, faculty, staff, and guests of Creighton University.

To Report an Ongoing Concern about another Student, Staff, or Faculty Member

If you have a concern for a fellow student, staff or faculty memberTell Someone reporting resource at Creighton!--and it's not an emergency situation--you can use Creighton's Tell Someone resource. 

Tell Someone allows members of the Creighton community to express concern for a fellow member of the Creighton campus. Users must log-in with their Blue credentials (NetID and Blue password) to utilize the secure report form or they can call the Tell Someone reporting phone line at (402) 280-4400.

This form is not to be used to report an emergency. If this is a medical or psychological emergency, please call Creighton's Department of Public Safety at 402.280.2911

For more information on Tell Someone, please visit