University Committee and Faculty Council Election Results (May 4, 2018)


Academic Freedom and Responsibility
Dr. Juan Asensio

Academic University Policy Review
Dr. Joan Eckerson
Dr. Robert Whipple

Americans with Disabilities Act
Dr. Jacque Miller

Non-Academic University Policy Review
Dr. Hardeep Chehal
Prof. Irina Fox

Athletic Board
Dr. Mark Reedy
Dr. John Wingender

Handbook and Statutes
Dr. Jennifer Hasslen (Dentistry)
Dr. Mark Reedy (A&S)
Dr. David Smith (SOM)

Dr. Pamela Foral
Dr. Regina Taylor

Rank and Tenure
Dr. Amy Abbott (Nursing)
Dr. Elizabeth Cooke (A&S)
Prof. Craig Dallon (Law)

Campus Planning Committee
Dr. Kim Begley

Faculty Council Representative – A&S
Dr. Sherri Brown
Dr. Tom Coffey
Fr. Peter Nguyen
Fr. Ross Romero

Faculty Dismissals
Dr. Maorong Jiang

Faculty Council Representative – Heider College of Business
Dr. Trent Wachner

Faculty Grievance
Prof. Raneta Mack
Dr. Catherine Opere

Faculty Council Representative – Dentistry
Dr. Jennifer Hasslen
Dr. Jared Little

Financial Advisory Committee
Dr. David Dobberpuhl

Faculty Council Representative – Nursing
Dr. Maribeth Hercinger
Dr. Mandy Kirkpatrick
Dr. Kandis McCafferty

Lectures, Films and Concerts
Dr. Kim Begley
Prof. Irina Fox

Faculty Council Representative – SPAHP
Dr. Sam Augustine
Dr. Darren Hein
Dr. Jacob Siedlik

Public Honors and Events
Fr. Ross Romero

Faculty Council Representative – SOM
Dr. Venkatesh Govindarjan
Dr. Carol Lomneth
Dr. Lee Morrow Dr. Mohamed Radwan
Dr. Vithyalakshmi Selvaraj Dr. Aiman Smer

Status of Women
Dr. Martha Todd
Dr. Matthew Reznicek

Committee on Committees
Dr. Juan Asensio (SOM) Dr. Cathy Carrico (Nursing)
Dr. Tom Coffey (A&S)
Dr. Karen O’Brien (SPAHP)

Student Discipline
Dr. Leonard Greenspoon

Computing and Academic Technology
Dr. Kevin Fuji (SPAHP)
Dr. Lee Morrow (SOM)
Prof. Larry Teply (Law)

Student Life Policy
Dr. Faith Kurtyka