• A call for nominations was issued on March 12, 2018.
  • Nominations are due by Monday, March 26.  Please submit your nominations by email to Ed Morse with a copy to Charles Braymen.
  • Ballots will be mailed to members of the full-time Teaching-Research and Clinician-Educator faculty on April 6.
  • Ballots are due in the Registrar's office on or before April 20.
  • Candidates who are elected will be notified of the election results before the Spring commencement.
  • Elections results will be posted here.
  • The Committees will be updated to reflect the latest election cycle on this site as of August 20, 2018 or sooner.
  • The Committee on Committees Report to Academic Council from September 18, 2017.

A Call for Nominations

On behalf of the Committee on Committees, I hereby issue a call for nominations for service in university committees with elected faculty representation and for membership in faculty council. A listing of open positions appears below. Full-time teaching/research and clinician/educator faculty who do not also hold a post in academic administration (assistant dean, associate dean, dean, or provost) are eligible for nomination. For some positions, candidates must be from specific schools. Where noted, tenure may also be required.

Please submit your nominations by email to Ed Morse with a copy to Charles Braymen. If you are nominating a colleague, please be sure to confirm that he/she is willing and eligible to serve. Terms for service generally extend for three years. Nominations are due by Monday, March 26. Elections will be held in April.
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Faculty Council Representatives

  • College of Arts and Sciences (5)
  • College of Business (1)
  • School of Dentistry (2)
  • School of Law (0)
  • School of Medicine (6)
  • College of Nursing (2)
  • School of Pharmacy and Health Professions (3)
  • Graduate School (0)

Academic Freedom & Responsibility (1 Tenured)
Americans with Disabilities Act (1)
Athletic Board (2)
Benefits (2)
Campus Planning (1)
Committee on Committees (3) (Nursing, A&S, Medicine)
Computing and Academic Technology (2) (Law, Medicine)
Faculty Dismissals (1 tenured; 6 tenured alternates)
Faculty Grievance (2 tenured) (Note one vacancy due to retirement)
Handbook and Statutes (3) (Dentistry, A&S, Medicine)
Financial Advisory Committee (1)
Lectures, Films and Concerts (2)
Public Honors and Events (1)
Rank and Tenure (3 tenured; Law, A&S, Nursing)
Status of Women (2)
Student Discipline (1; 3 alternates)
Student Life Policy (1)
Academic University Policy Review (2) (New)
Non-Academic University Policy Review (2) (New)