Standard Reports

This section contains samples and explanations of the standard reports related to the budget.

The first report listed summarizes a department's original budget by organization, by fund, by general ledger account, and by month. All of the other reports are generated by the University's financial system and are used throughout the year for managing the budget.

All of the printed reports, except the first one, are needed during the year to understand actual activity in relation to budget. These are essential for budget variance analysis. The on-line reports are available at anytime to those areas with terminal access to the financial system. The reports provide current information on budget status and availability.

Printed Reports:

Original Budget Detail Summary Report (annual)

Financial Responsibility Report (monthly)

Financial Responsibility Exec. Summary Report (monthly)

Available Balance Status Report (quarterly)

Available Balance Exec. Summary Report (quarterly)

Organization Detail Activity Report (monthly)


On-Line Reports:


Organization Budget Status Form (FGIBDST)


Executive Summary Form (FGIBDSR)


Expense by Month (FWPESTI)