General Purpose
This form is designed specifically to obtain roll-up balances for specified fund/organization combinations. The form displays the current status of fiscal year activity in relation to the adjusted budget for the roll-up fund, organization and account combination queried. The values presented reflect transaction activity as of the time the query is performed. Amounts related to on-line documents that are still in the process of being approved are not reflected on this form.

Form Descriptions

  1. This field is a required field and reflects the Chart of Accounts. The value defaults into the form and should always be a "C".
  2. This field is the fiscal year for which the query is being performed. This is a required field and defaults into the form based on the users previous query.
  3. This field determines the type of account query being performed: relative or specific. By leaving the box unchecked, a relative query will be performed. This query will retrieve records for all account numbers beginning with the first number entered on the form (or the first number having activity if one isn't entered). A specific query, performed by checking this box, retrieves only the specified account number or account type and is much faster than a relative query as a result.
  4. This field allows a query with or without revenue accounts. The default is to have this box checked which will query for both revenue and expense accounts. Remove the check to query only expense accounts.
  5. These fields reflect the listed accounting distribution numbers, and corresponding names, being queried. These fields act as the selection criteria for the query being performed. The greater the number of fields entered, the quicker the query will be. A list of the possible values for these fields is accessible directly from each field.
  6. These columns reflect the account numbers and names of the accounts being queried.
  7. This column reflects the total annual adjusted budget for the indicated accounts.
  8. This column reflects the total fiscal year-to-date transaction activity for the indicated accounts (invoices, journal entries, etc.). The amounts presented would not include any such documents that were still in the process of being approved.
  9. This column reflects all outstanding budget commitments (requisitions, purchase orders and other encumbrances) for the indicated accounts. The amounts presented would not include any such documents that were still in the process of being approved.
  10. This column reflects the net available balance, calculated as column 7 less columns 8 and 9. A negative amount indicates actual expenditures and commitments exceed the budget for that account. Remember that budget control is done on a pooled basis for accounts.