Original Budget Detail Summary Report

General Usage

This report is designed to show the details of the original budget that has been loaded into the financial system. It enables the Schools and Administrative Departments to assure themselves that the correct budget has been loaded.

Report Description

The report is sent to each area by the Budget Department after the detailed budget has been reviewed by the Budget Office and has been loaded into the financial system "holding tank."

The report lists the following information:

    1. Organization number and name.
    2. Fund number and name
    3. Account number and name (organized in these groupings: Revenue, Salaries, Benefits, Non-Salary Expenses, Capital Expenses and Transfers).
    4. Account total amount followed by monthly amounts.
    5. Organization/Fund totals by revenue, expense, transfers and net bottom line.

Rollups by School or Vice President, for GCF and UDF are also provided.