Cellular Service News



Welcome to the Purchasing and DoIT cellular phone ordering process.  The goal is to provide a more efficient cellular phone ordering and support service to university departments.  Please note:   

  • The form for ordering phones can be found on the Purchasing Department's website at: http://www.creighton.edu/admin/purchasing/forms/index.php
  • Upgrades, service plan changes, and billing questions will continue to be handled by Purchasing. Contact Jorge Ramirez at ext.: 1262
  • Cellular phones will now be delivered directly to your on-campus location.
  • Instructions for connecting to CUmail or CUwireless for iPhone, Android and Blackberry devices can found at the DoIT Service Desk website www.creighton.edu/servicedesk
  •  Please contact the DoIT Service Desk  at 402-280-1111 for assistance with:

    • Initial troubleshooting of cellular phone problems
    • Connecting to CUwireless
    • Connecting to CUmail
    • Acquiring a new Blackberry Activation PIN
    • Dropping off old cellular phones for recycling

Latest News

The Hot Spot feature has been added to our Verizon contract  for all smart phones.  There is no additional cost to activate, enable or make use of this feature.

The Mobile Hotspot feature on your smartphone allows you to create a personal Wi-Fi cloud capable of sharing your wireless network with a variety of Wi-Fi-enabled devices such as notebooks, netbooks.

To enable the basic hotspot through your smartphone, do the following:

  • For Android: Open “Settings” > “Tethering & Portable Hotspot” > check the “Portable Hotspot” box
  • For iOS (4.3 and higher): Open “Settings” > select “General” > "Network” > “Personal Hotspot” option
  • For BlackBerry (7.1 and higher): Open “Manage Connections” > select “Mobile Hotspot”
  • For Windows 8: Open “Settings” > select “Internet Sharing” > turn Sharing “On”

If you have questions, contact Jorge Ramirez at jorgeramirez1@creighton.edu