The primary responsibility of the Purchasing Department is to assist in the purchase of materials, supplies, and services, with the objective of attaining goods or services at the proper time, in the proper place, in the quantity, quality, and price consistent with University needs.

Links to University Purchasing Policies rev. 2007

Purchasing Policy 1.2
Details the funding level approvals, the types of required documentation, and the responsibilities of the requestor and of Purchasing employees.
These policies refer to purchasing-related behaviors and practices such as confidentiality and respect for suppliers, acceptance of supplier "gifts", and the use of Creighton University's reputation in relation to suppliers.
These policies refer to purchasing-related processes such as bidding, order requests, purchase orders, and contracts.
Materials Control
These policies refer to control of restricted materials such as animals, inspection and return of goods, used goods, and surplus property.
UPS Devices
This procedure refers to control of restricted materials known as Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS).
These policies refer to importing goods, sales tax, solicitations, and University vehicles.
Programs & Services
These policies refer to the procurement card, relocation, travel, and cellular programs