Expense Reimbursement

Documentation Requirements for the TER

  • When University faculty, staff and students are requesting personal reimbursement for expenses of $75 or more, an original receipt or invoice is required. Receipts are required for all lodging expenses, regardless of amount. If using Grant funding, all receipts are required. See Documentation Requirements for Disbursements (APPL 09)
  • Required receipts should be taped to a blank letter size piece of paper and submitted with the TER.
    • If a required receipt is a copy, write a short explanation as to why it is not an original.
    • If a required receipt is is missing or lost, you will need to complete the Missing Receipt form and have it signed by your area VP.
  • Make sure you write a descriptive Business/Travel Purpose on the TER. Include:
    1. Who was visited What type of event, activity or purchase
    2. Where the event or activity took place
    3. When the event or activity took place
    4. Why the expense was incurred

      • "American Society of Pharmacists End of Year Clinical Meeting in Anaheim CA, Dec 15-18" or "Dinner meeting at Olive Garden to discuss alumni relations with, Jane Smith, a member of the alumni board, March 3"
      • Not "Recruitment" or "Spring Travel"
  • Complete the lower section for Entertainment and Business Meals if the expense was for more than just one individual.