Expense Reimbursement

How to Get Reimbursed

  1. An individual incurs expenses while on University business and submits the receipts for reimbursement to the preparer or prepares a Travel Reimbursement Request (TER) Form.
  2. The preparer completes the TER and tapes each required original receipt to a separate sheet. The traveler/reimbursee signs the TER. Then the required documentation is attached and the preparer submits it to the appropriate approver.
  3. The approver reviews the TER for:
    •  business purpose,
    • accounting allocation,
    • and receipts to make sure that everything is correct and in compliance with University policy,
    • then authorizes it for payment by signing and sends TER and required receipts (see Documentation requirements) to Accounting Services for processing.
  4. Accounting Services audits the expenses against policy requirements and tax regulations. Once the request passes this audit, payment will be processed and sent to the traveler/reimbursee.