Payment Processing


Business Service Center

Requisition/Purchase Order

This is the best way to pay companies and individuals for products or services.  A purchase order will help you keep track of items purchased and invoices will be paid faster, with less paperwork to complete.  You will need to attend a Banner requisition training class in order to initiate online requisitions.  If you only work with a few and/or don't have access to Banner, Purchasing also accepts paper requisitions.  Please see the Purchasing website for more information on requisitions.

  1. Department issues an online requisition in Banner for the goods or services they need.  The requisition is approved online.  Purchasing receives the requisition and creates a Purchase Order.
  2. The Purchase Order is sent to the vendor and the order is processed and an invoice is sent to CU Accounts Payable noting the Purchase Order number given to them by Purchasing.
  3. Accounts Payable processes the invoice for payment.  If the payment is $1,000 or more, they will make a copy of the invoice and send it back to the ordering department with an Invoice Review Form (IRF).  The department reviews the invoices and if it is not correct, they notify AP immediately.

Direct Pay

To pay companies and individuals for products or services not purchased through a purchase order.

  1. The department orders the goods or services directly from the vendor.  See the Purchasing website for the benefits of using the Purchase Order system instead.
  2. The vendor submits an invoice for their goods or services.
  3. The preparer(department) completes a Direct Pay Request Form (DPR), attaches the original invoice and submits it for appropriate approvals.  See Approval Level Requirements APPL 02.
  4. When all approval levels have been met, the preparer forwards the DPR and attached invoice to Accounting Services for payment.
  5. Accounts Payable will process the DPR and schedule payment according to vendor payment terms.

Expense Reimbursement

To reimburse individuals for out-of-pocket expenses. 

Complete a Travel & Business Expense (TER) form to obtain reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses.  See Business Expense Reimbursement information.

Pcard/University Credit Card

To quickly pay vendors for small dollar purchases or to use when traveling.  A card may be issued to an individual or a department.

  1. For Small Purchases, this is the preferred method of payment.  The department will order the goods or services and give the vendor their credit card number for payment.
  2. The credit card is paid when the Credit Card Disbursement Form is completed and sent to Accounting Services.  See Pcard/Credit Card for more information.

Other Ways to Make a Payment (not currently processed by Accounts Payable)

Petty Cash

For Small dollar (under $50) reimbursements for out-of-pocket expenses.  You MUST have original recepts.  For more information, see Petty Cash Policy (GNPL 02)

Draft Voucher

This may be an option for your department if you have a lot of small dollar (under $250) routine payments.  It requires special permission and training to use this option.  Please contact Leisha Moxness in Accounting Services if you have any questions.

There are several ways to get a payment processed through Accounts Payable.