Creighton University

Accounting Policies


Drug Study Pooling




July 1, 1994


January, 2000

As an alternative accounting approach, Principal Investigators (PI's) have the option to pool drug studies under their responsibility for budget control and accounting purposes. This pooling concept will provide PI's flexibility in purchasing research supplies in bulk and budgeting and managing salaries as well as add efficiency to the process of accounting for drug studies. Drug study pooling will be governed by the guidelines discussed below.

The preferred accounting approach is to handle each drug study as a separate restricted fund and this is still recommended wherever feasible. This policy is directed primarily toward P.I.'s who manage multiple studies concurrently that share resources.

The Pooling Process

The process for pooling of drug studies for budget and accounting purposes is accomplished by assigning multiple drug studies that meet the guidelines below to a single grant fund. This pooling allows for central management of salaries and certain supplies used within all pooled studies. Pooling should streamline the payroll and purchasing processes related to these studies.


Drug study pooling will be allowed when the following conditions are met:

1) Studies do not have outside financial reporting requirements.

2) Studies have the same indirect cost rates.

3) The study types are the same; i.e., research vs.clinical trials.