Nest Guide

Signing on . . .

How do I get in to my NEST web page?

Open NEST. You will need your net ID, found on your student ID card (i.e.: AAA99999) and your password. (It's the same password you chose to get into your Creighton e-mail account.) Once you're in NEST, follow the financial aid links.

Go here for first time activation instructions.


How do I get into my Creighton Email?

Newly admitted students will be provided information to access their Creighton email account prior to registration. Until that time, all email correspondence will be sent to the email address listed on a student's application for admission. Once a Creighton email account has been established, then your Creighton University email becomes the official means of electronic communication within the CU community. It is extremely important that you check your Creighton email account regularly for messages from CU professors, administrators and students.

Financial Aid info on your NEST

  • Have I been awarded my financial aid yet?      Click "Award Information" then "Award by Aid Year".
  • What documents do I need to send the Financial Aid Office so I can get awarded?      Click "My Financial Aid Status" then "Student Requirements". (Check this link often. New requirements can occur after you have been awarded.)
  • If Creighton hasn't received my FAFSA, how do I track its progress?      Click or call 1-800-433-3243. Our school code is 002542.
  • Has my Federal Direct loan(s), Federal Direct PLUS, or Alternative loan funds posted to my account yet?      Click "Award Information" then "Loan Application History" find "Paid column" or click "Award History" find "paid to date" column. You may also view the payments under the "Student Accounts" link.
  •  Who is my lender for loans borrowed while attending Creighton?      Due to the many changes in the Federal loan programs in recent years, please go to to view your lender/servicer information.

  • What financial aid did I get last year? How about 2 years ago? Three years ago?     Click "Award Information" then "Award History".
  • How much money have I earned so far this Academic year in Federal Work Study?      Click "Award Information" then "Award History". Students can also access their pay stubs online. Follow these directions.

  • How do I accept my aid on line?      Click "Award Information" then "Accept Award Offer by Aid Year".  Be sure to Agree to the "Terms and Conditions" so that you may Accept your aid offer.
  • What expenses are in "cost of attendance" the Financial Aid office is basing my aid on?      Click "My Financial Aid Status" then "Cost of Attendance".
  • What outside scholarships/remissions/ROTC/outside contracts are currently showing as resources for me?      Click "Award Information" then "Award by Aid Year".
  • What types of loans show on the Loan App. History screen?      Federal Direct Loans (Subsidized, Unsubsidized, PLUS and Grad PLUS), Stafford, PLUS, and Alternative Loans (loans you obtain through a private bank).
  • Where can I view Perkins, Federal Nursing, Health Professions, Primary Care Loans and Creighton long term loans?      For a complete record of all your aid including these loans, go to the Award History link. You can also view these loans on the ECSI website:

  • I have questions about my Financial Aid. Call Financial Aid 402-280-2731, 1-800-282-5835, (freshmen / first time students), (returning undergraduate students) or (graduate/professional students).


Business Office questions?

Go here for NEST information relating to your account with the Business Office.


Registrar information on you NEST

  • I want to change my current mailing address and phone.      Click "Personal Information" then "Update addresses and Phones".
  • How many academic credits do I have? Where can I see my past grades?      Click "Student / Financial Aid" then "Student Records" ..... then ... "Academic Transcripts"
  • How do I go about registering for next semester?      Make an appointment with your academic advisor. Your advisor will give you a pin#, time and day to register via your NEST web page. Follow the Registrar directions.
  • The password I selected for NEST and CUmail won't work.      Call the Creighton help desk (402) 280-1111.
  • What is the best way to stay informed?      Get in the habit of checking your Creighton email account. Creighton sends a great deal of important correspondence to you via your CU e-mail rather than hard-copy mail. And look at your NEST to view your financial aid status in case you are being asked by the Financial Aid office to submit some supporting documentation.