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Creighton Financial Aid Application for SUMMER 2014

Complete this form by entering your responses in the boxes. Use the tab key, not the enter key to advance through fields.

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  • You must have a Free Application for Federal Aid  (FAFSA) on file for the 2014-2015 academic year in order to be considered for summer Federal Aid.
  • New borrowers are reminded that they must complete on-line loan counseling and sign their master promissory note for Federal Direct loans. Students will receive the link to the appropriate web site when the loan offer is accepted on NEST.
    Once you have completed your loan counseling and master promissory note, watch for email confirmation from the Dept. of Education that all required steps have been completed.
    Go here for more information:
  • If you plan to enroll for summer school and apply for Federal financial aid, the Financial Aid Office requires that this summer aid application form be completed and returned to the Financial Aid Office in a timely manner.  All questions must be completed.
  • Remember, if you receive Federal aid for summer courses, your eligibility for Federal aid for the ensuing Fall/Spring terms will be reduced.
  • No summer aid is available for students enrolled less than half-time over the combined summer sessions.  Summer aid cannot be disbursed until the beginning of the summer term that makes the student half-time.  In other words, if an undergraduate student is enrolled for 3 hours Summer Session One and 3 hours Summer Session Two, the student canít get the loan funds until s/he starts Session Two, because at that point s/he will be at 6 hours, which is half time for undergraduates.  Check with your program of study to define half time status.

Summer Aid Application

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