Federal Work Study Program

Federal Work Study

Federal Work Study (FWS) is a need-based financial aid program. Student wages are paid by the Federal government and Creighton University. To be considered for FWS, a student must demonstrate financial need through the federal aid application process. If a student qualifies for FWS, he/she will automatically be offered a work opportunity by the Creighton Financial Aid office. FWS students are assigned to specific jobs on campus through the Student Employment Office and are paid every two weeks based on the number of hours they have worked in that pay period.

FWS is not a credit against the student's tuition bill. The student must work for the grant to be realized. Most students average 10 hours of work per week, depending on the size of the FWS award. Go here for more information about the Federal Work Study program.

All new student employees are required to complete the on-line Federal I-9 Employment eligibility verification form before they can work on campus. Students must present, in person, an original, unexpired document that proves the student can legally work in the US.

Those students who do not qualify for FWS employment can find information about on-campus jobs through the Student Employment Office, Harper Center, Room 2053. Jobs are listed on Creighton's Jobs4Jays.