Marshall Scholarship


Am I Eligible?

The Marshall scholarship is awarded an American citizen who has demonstrated outstanding academic achievement (GPA of 3.7 or higher) who have completed their first Bachelor's degree prior to starting the scholarship the following year.  Approximately 40 are awarded nationally each year.

What Will I Receive?

Winners are eligible to study at a large number of different institutions in the United Kingdom. You will need to identify particular institutions and programs of study to which you are likely to apply. The Marshall will cover two years of study, generally at the post-graduate level (although some institutions allow for the possibility of additional years renewal).  This includes tuition, books, fees, living expenses and travel costs to and from the United States.

How do I apply?

The Marshall provides a detailed and informative website to guide applicants through the process.  Applicants must apply in one of the eight regions in which the Marshall is administered.  This may be where the applicant has a permanent address, or where the applicant is currently studying.  Applicants should familiarize themselves with British universities and graduate programs appropriate to their future goals.  Applications should be completed and submitted online; semifinalists will be invited to a regional interview before the winners are selected.


Creighton students should contact the faculty representative.


Generally, October 1.  Contact Dr. Reznicek and see website for specific details.
Candidates selected for regional interviews will be notified in November

Additional Information:

With the Rhodes, this is one of the top two scholarship awards in terms of both prestige and competitiveness.  Modeled on the Rhodes, the Marshall was founded in 1953 to "strengthen the enduring relationship between the British and American peoples, their governments and their institutions."

Faculty contact:

Dr. Matthew Reznicek