Rhodes Scholarship


Am I Eligible?

If you will be at least 19 but under the age of 25 by October 1 of the year you apply AND if you will have completed your Bachelor's degree prior to entering Oxford the next year. (Creighton students generally apply in fall of senior year.)  Applicants in all fields accepted, but you must have demonstrated intellectual distinction as well as promise of future "effective service to the world." 

What Will I Receive?

Winners will receive all educations costs and an allowance for living expenses for two years of study at Oxford University, with the possibility of renewal for a third year.  Winners will pursue a British degree approximately equivalent to an American Master's degree.



How do I apply?

All applicants from Creighton should contact our faculty representative.  All candidates from Creighton must have their applications reviewed and approved by Creighton prior to the national deadline as the Rhodes requires a letter of Institutional Endorsement from Creighton.  Students are advised first to visit the program website and read all information there thoroughly.


Creighton has a September internal deadline. Once a student receives Creighton endorsement, he or she must submit a Rhodes applications online generally by the first Wednesday of October. See the Rhodes website or contact a faculty rep for specific details.

Additional Information:

Begun in 1904, the Rhodes Scholarship program elects 32 students each year.  This is a highly competitive scholarship.

Faculty Representative

Professor Patrick Borchers

Dean Bridget Keegan