Research Proposals

Writing Research Proposals

Special Note On Research Proposals

Some fellowships may ask for a separate project proposal.  This will require a good deal of advanced research as you will need specify why it is necessary for you to study at a particular institution or in a particular country.  In some cases you will need a letter or other form of verification from the university or other setting where you wish to pursue your project, thus you may need to make contact with a professor or other relevant professional/administrator well in advance.  Speak to your professors here if you need help in making contacts at another institution.

If you are asked to describe a specific plan of research, beyond simply general research interests, itís important to demonstrate that you are qualified to undertake such work and that it is consistent with your long-term academic or professional plans.  Make sure you also demonstrate that you have a clear research methodology, not just an interesting idea so as to make a convincing case that you can accomplish the work.