Community Activism

Community Activism Projects are enhanced by the academic component of FLP, the Communication Studies course. This course is required for all members of the program to take during their first semester.


We raised over $5,500 as a gross amount on the Thanksgiving Dinner, and donated 1,000 and 60 blankets for our Spring Community Activism Project.

The purpose of FLP's Community Activism is to empower freshmen to become agents of change by exploring the process of social change. It begins with the students having the time to research, learn and look for needs in the surrounding communities.  After that, they choose an issue or need that they are passionate about and want to improve.  Then, as leaders, the students develop a plan to work to improve the issue or need, which often involves bringing people together to accomplish the goal of affecting a need in the community.   Hopefully, after the freshmen year, students will have the desire to continue the involvement with the cause or organization and see changes throughout their Creighton careers.

Three Main Steps

1) Get Interested. 

  • Research a cause or organization
  • Form a passion and want to help the cause
  • Introduction to Community Activism

2) Get Connected.

  • Get involved in the cause or organization, beginning on a smaller level
  • Use FLP connections, if possible
  • Stay involved and connected with the organization or cause for the entire year

**These steps must be achieved to fulfill the FLP requirements

3) Raise Awareness

  • Present a proposal to share your interest with the community to the exec board for approval
  • Share your interest in the organization by putting on an event/ fundraiser/ awareness activity for the cause.
  • Begin the process of planning for second semester event before Christmas break

Key Points to Accomplish and make sure the freshmen know:

  • Get involved with something you are interested in and then share that interest with others.
  • It is a long-term commitment to an organization.
  • All members must fulfill step 1 and 2, whereas only a few projects will be selected to move onto step 3.  The entire floor will then participate in those chosen projects.
  • All members must fulfill step 1 and 2 to receive the FLP Competition award (name and details of this will be determined this summer).  Those members who propose and complete step 3 will be honored at the end of the year banquet. 

 Over the years, FLP members have:

  • Planned a roller skating party, in conjunction with Creighton?s Greek life at Creighton, benefiting The Hope Center for Kids, an inner-city ministry providing a safe place with constructive activities for kids to go after school.
  • Started a chemistry club at the Hope Center to inspire the young girls to learn about the fun of scientific exploration. This club involved going to the Center weekly and doing experiments with the kids.
  • Planned a letter writing campaign to raise homelessness awareness in Omaha and across the country.  FLP members set up a table on the mall highlighting the difficulties faced by those who are homeless and underserved.  All Creighton students were invited to sign the letter which was then sent off to state and national representatives.   
  • Participated in a letter writing campaign to raise money for St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. 
  • Organized field trips for the children from Precious Memories Day Care, an organization providing childcare to anyone in need, including the destitute and mentally and physically handicapped. These excursions included a trip to the Omaha Zoo, the Omaha Children's Museum, and a teddy bear picnic in which the students raised the money to buy each child their own teddy bear.
  • Built Precious Memories a fence around their playground to provide more safety for the children. We then painted a mural on that fence which can be seen at the top of this page.
  • Raised money and made blankets for all of the children at Precious Memories.
  • Cooked a Thanksgiving banquet and sold tickets to raise money for Precious Memories. They used this money to buy new adjustable toddler tables for the day care. They also are working with a car dealership in Nebraska to get Precious Memories a new van.
  • Paired themselves with twenty children at Mason Apartments. This complex is part of Project Welcome that supports the Sudanese refugees in Omaha. They write weekly pen-pal letters and at weekly service students help them write their pen-pals back. This allows the children to practice their reading and writing skills in a fun way. This project culminated in an end of the year party with the pen-pals coming on campus to see where the FLP students live.
  • Developed and put on an educational seminar about the Farm Bill, including interactive activities that showed how poverty and farmers are affected by the decisions society makes. This was followed by a letter writing campaign in which students sent letters to their congressional representatives.                                                              
  •  Presented to local high schools on depression and the resources available to students.