Executive Team

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Hopefully most of your questions about the Freshman Leadership Program have been answered. If you still have any questions however, feel free to contact us using any of the methods listed below.

Have questions? E-mail the program advisor, Joey Kimes.

Voice: (402) 280-1715   Fax: (402) 280-5829

Executive Team



Name: Brittany Pollock
Position: Student Coordinator
Strengths: Woo, Input, Strategic, Responsibility, Belief
Contact: Brittanypollock@creighton.edu

Name:  Chloe Casagrande
Position: Seminar Executive
Strengths:  Learner, Input, Focus, Individualization, Achiever
Contact: chloecasagrande@creighton.edu
Year: Sophomore

Name: Nina Noronha
Position: Public Relations Executive
Strengths: Woo, Communicator, Includer, Input, Learner
Contact: NinaNoronha@creighton.edu
Year: Senior

Name: Andrew Ascher
Position: Service Executive
Strengths: Harmony, Input, Futuristic, Learner, Discipline
Contact: andrewascher@creighton.edu
Year: Junior 

Name:  Ethan Mierovitz
Position: Community Activism Executive
Strengths: Analytical, Command, Deliberative, Significance, Futuristic
Contact: ethanmierovitz@creighton.edu
Year: Sophomore

Name: Mallory Cranwell
Position: Mentor Executive
Strengths: Responsibility, Achiever, Context, Consistency, Includer
: mallorycranwell@creighton.edu
Year: Junior

Name: Mary Korch
Position: Social Executive/Resident Advisor
Strengths: Strategic, Belief, Achiever, Connectedness, Activator
Contact: marykorch@creighton.edu
Year: Junior

Name: Jake Wiesenthal
Position: Social Executive/Resident Advisor
Strengths: Woo, Analytical, , Ideation, Futuristic
Contact: jakewiesenthal@creighton.edu
Year: Senior

Name: Claire Freeman
Position: Portfolio Executive
Strengths: Input, Learner, Achiever, Intellection, Focus
Contact: EmilyKieffer@creighton.edu
Year: Junior


Name: Joey Kimes
Positions: Assistant Director for Student Activities, FLP advisor
Contact: JoeyKimes@creighton.edu

Name: Issac Ortega
Positions: Resident Director of Kiewit Hall, FLP advisor
Contact: IsaacOrtega@creighton.edu