Requirements of the Portfolio Project

A unique part of the Freshman Leadership Program is that all members take part in a year-long reflective portfolio project.

The Portfolio Project is a way that allows everyone involved in the Freshman Leadership Program to reflect on what they have done, learned, and experienced while in the program. This year, the portfolio includes a partnership between a written blog and a reflective mentor group video that members work together to complete.


The Portfolio Project will include the following topics:

         Mission Statement Development

         Jesuit Values

         Experiences in FLP

         Seminar reflections on different leadership styles

         Reflections on the FLP class from second semester

         Service and Community Activism reflections

         Future Leadership Plans


For different examples of Portfolio Projects from past freshman members and parts of the Executive team, check out these links!

Sample Portfolio Presentations:
Emily Kieffer- Class of 2018
Courtney Child - Class of 2019
Christian Sorrentino - Class of 2019