Requirements of the Portfolio Project

Each student in the Freshman Leadership Program will be required to complete a portfolio project that will be presented to his/her peers and program advisors in April that demonstrates his/her leadership development throughout the year.

The portfolio project will include the following content pieces:
1. Mastery of Program Knowledge Base
2. Definition of Leadership and Reflection
3. Personal Mission Statement and Reflection
4. Leadership Plan
5. FLP English Class Reflections
6. Service and Social Justice Reflection
7.Portfolio Presentation

**Content pieces are subject to change before the start of the 2016-2017 academic year.

Sample Portfolio Presentations:
Tyler Badding - Class of 2016
Anna Schafer - Class of 2016
Amanda Mazzone - Class of 2017
Mattie Smyth - Class of 2017
Ryan Kwapniowski - Class of 2017
Janet Huynh - Class of 2018
Charlie Manion - Class of 2018
Courtney Child - Class of 2019
Christian Sorrentino - Class of 2019