I love hearing from all the speakers who come to FLP seminars. Each speaker is unique and provides new insights into what it means to be an effective and committed leader.

--Nick Quinn, Seminar Executive 2009-2010--

Every Tuesday evening, the members of the Freshman Leadership Program attend leadership seminars or workshops.  Seminars typically include a speaker or a panel of speakers from the Creighton community or the Omaha community. Members of the Freshman Leadership Program have the opportunity to attend seminars that provide inspirational stories by people who have excelled in life and leadership. The workshops allow students to engage in activities that focus on building tangible leadership skills. These seminars and workshops are designed to inspire students to become better leaders by informing them of the leadership opportunities available and to help students recognize their own leadership abilities. They are also meant to challenge members to become more involved in the Creighton community and provide a greater awareness of social issues, both in the Omaha area and around the world. In this way the seminars of FLP integrate the program's other facets of service and community.

Directly following each seminar or workshop, the freshmen have the opportunity to reflect and dialogue upon the speaker's message or the activities that they participated in that evening. These discussions occur both in mentor groups and as a large group. This process of reflection allows for a deeper understanding of the session's topic, and provides students with a greater understand of how to apply these details to their own lives.

Since the seminars are often professional in manner, we ask students to dress in business casual and business formal attire. Please see the Dress Code Guidelines for more information.