"Each speaker brings with them their own personal touch on the subject of leadership, and that, I think, helps  each member of the program to develop their own individual definition of what a leader should be." 

--Payton Cadien, Seminar Executive 2016-2017--

Each Tuesday, the members, mentors, and execs of the Freshman Leadership Program gather for a weekly seminar. These seminars are designed to help the members of the program explore the different aspects of leadership and develop their own leadership style in their community. Seminars can range from speakers who come in from the Creighton or Omaha community, workshops presented by the executive team, or even celebrations of the seasons!

Each month, FLP Seminar focuses on a different style of leadership and directs the seminar to reflect the various aspects of that leadership style. Here is the current lineup for leadership styles this year:


o   August/September: Ethical Leadership 

o   October: Followership 

o   November: Heroic Leadership 

o   December/January: Integrity Leadership 

o   February: Servant Leadership 

o   March: Visionary and Transformational Leadership 

o   April/May: Strengths