Compliance Policies and Procedures for the School of Medicine

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Billing Polices and Procedures

Advance Beneficiary Notice (Revised 3/18/12)

Consultation:  RETIRED (Jan. 2012) 

Medicare's "Incident To" Rule: Updating

Waivers of Co-Insurance Amounts (No Professional Courtesy) Revised 8/09/04): [PDF] [MSWord]

Billing - Teaching Physician Requirements

E&M Services - Primary Care Exception (Revised 8/11/09): [PDF] [MSWord]

E&M Services and Time Based Codes (Revised 6/19/09): [PDF] [MSWord]

Teaching Physician Requirements - Surgeries (Revised 6/19/09): [PDF] [MSWord]


Mandatory Training (Revised 02/17/09): [PDF] [MSWord]

Medical Records

Documentation Standards:  Updating