Export Controls

Export controls are laws and regulations that restrict the use of and access to certain goods and information for reasons of national security or protection of trade.  These controls also restrict financial transactions and provision of services to certain foreign entities.  They exist to prevent terrorism and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, as well as to protect US security and economic interests.  Providing goods or information to a foreign national is potentially an export under these regulations, in addition to the traditional definition of exports.

Researchers should be particularly aware of these regulations, as the combination of innovative research and an open academic environment could lead to the unintended dissemination of controlled goods to restricted parties.  Failure to comply with export control laws can lead to economic fines or even imprisonment.

The links below provide more detailed information about export control areas.  For more detailed information, please contact Creighton’s export control representative at exportcontrols@creighton.edu.

Exporting Goods and Technical Information
Working with Foreign Nationals
Travel Overseas
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