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About the Office

The Office of Equity and Inclusion serves all members of the Creighton University community. This includes all students, faculty, and staff affiliated with the university.

If you have experienced harassment, discrimination, sexual or relationship misconduct, the Office of Equity and Inclusion can help.

Confidential advocacy and resources are available to you through the Violence Intervention and Prevention Center on campus.

Location and Hours

Location and Hours

Creighton Hall 340 (UPDATE- office staff are currently telecommuting and not physically present in the office)


Monday - Friday    |    8:00 AM - 4:30 PM



Executive Director/Title IX Coordinator

The Executive Director of OEI is responsible for oversight of Creighton University's compliance with laws and policies relating to harassment and discrimination. The Executive Director serves as Creighton's Title IX Coordinator and is responsible for addressing sexual and relationship misconduct on campus.

Allison Taylor, M.S.Ed

Creighton Hall 340

(402) 280-3189


Senior Investigator

The Senior Investigator in the Office of Equity and Inclusion is responsible for responding to and investigating reports of alleged violations of Creighton University's Harassment, Discrimination, Sexual and Relationship Misconduct policy, as well as any other complaints or reports of misconduct made to the office.

Ellie Rohr, J.D.

Creighton Hall 340

(402) 280-3189



The Assistant Director of the Office of Community Standards and Wellbeing serves the Office of Equity and Inclusion as an investigator for cases in which the reported violations of the Harassment, Discrimination, Sexual and Relationship Misconduct policy involve students.

Akeyla Dowden

Creighton Hall 224

(402) 280-2775


Administrative Assistant

The Administrative Assistant provides support and assistance to the Office of Equity and Inclusion.

Kelly Belling

Creighton Hall 340

(402) 280-3189