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Creighton is a Catholic Relief Services (CRS) Global Campus. As a faith-based international non-governmental organization with a presence in more than 100 countries, CRS offers many opportunities for universities to contribute to poverty alleviation. Throught this partnership, Creighton faculty, staff, and students will enhance our educational, humanitarian, and research activities in service to the world's most vulnerable populations.

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Creighton's CRS Global Campus designation provides faculty, students, and administrators the opportunity to integrate the practice of global solidarity into the life of the institution. As a Global Campus, we will form an interdisciplinary advisory group of faculty and staff which will meet bi-annually. The committee will facilitate campus communications, coordinate and promote CRS programs, events, and activities, advise CRS on programmatic improvements and new opportunities on campus, and ensure impact assessment and evaluation. Please contact René Padilla for more information.


Creighton's CRS Global Campus designation provides the opportunity to enrich academic programs through information from, and interaction with, CRS experts working on the front lines of global issues. At least 3 faculty members per year from Creighton will participate in the CRS Faculty Learning Commons (FLC) and promote the program among their colleagues. The FLC is an online learning community and curricular resource that highlights the latest strategies for global relief and development with special emphasis on the application of CRS' justice lens and opportunities for building global solidarity. Please contact Tom Kelly for more information.

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Creighton students can join a national network of other students taking action to combat global poverty and build justice and peace. Through the CRS Student Ambassador Program, Creighton students get involved in educational and advocacy activities that help the poor overseas. Student leaders will be trained by CRS to mobilize their peers and bring to life the mission of global solidarity on campus. Chapters attend trainings and are connected to one another and to CRS in order to build a national movement for impactful change. Creighton’s CRS Ambassador Program is coordinated by the John P. Schlegel Center for Service and Justice. Please contact Kelly Tadeo Orbik for more information.

Share the Journey: Global Migration Resources

Share the Journey: Global Migration Resources

Pope Francis recenlty launched Share the Journey, a two-year global effort to support refugees and migrants. Bring the Pope's campaign and the humanitarian work of CRS into your classroom using Global Migration, the CRS Faculty Learning Commons (FLC) theme for 2017-2018.

Visit the CRS site to view the new book, Global Migration: What's Happening, Why, and a Just Response, and the supporting academic modules with supplemental resources.

This content puts a real, human face on the complexity of refugee assistance and migration. The see, judge, act method of education, reflection and action is used to examine these issues. These tools provide students with the facts (data, statistics and laws), personal narratives, and the moral compass of Catholic social teaching through which to evaluate the challenges and appeal to their basic sense of human dignity.

Pope Francis encourages a "culture of encounter." CRS and Creighton's Global Engagement Office hope these academic resources will give students a deeper understanding of the humanity of those who are forced to migrate and flee their homeland.