The Concept

American Airlines has partnered with the Creighton Global Initiative (CGI) to enable Creighton scholars (faculty, staff or students) to conduct or present their research at national or international meetings. American Airlines will invest one million AAdvantage® miles to support scholars' travel throughout the world.


The AAdvantage® Global Scholars Travel Grant program will give priority to (a) presentation of outcomes of funded CGI projects; (b) presentation of research in a global forum; and (c) research that supports the following areas of interest:

  1. Special focus on pressing global issues, such as migration, refugees, climate change, disease, hunger, gender equality, the use of natural resources, among others.  The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals provide an exemplar framework of the types of issues this CGI area of interest would address from an interdisciplinary / interprofessional perspective.

  2. Academic enhancement, curricular development or research on global learning.  This includes work designed to prepare students for lives of informed contribution in a rapidly changing global society. Examples include institutional partnerships and innovative academic, experiential and co-curricular programming set in various global contexts where students learn to think critically, observe skillfully, reflect thoroughly and participate meaningfully.  The Association of American Colleges & Universities' Global Learning Outcomes provide an exemplar of the types of outcomes this area of interest might include.

  3. The cultivation of a globally conversant campus for work that encourages the appreciation, analysis and discussion of multicultural realities, expressions of diversity, inclusion, justice, and calls for action. Work that has served to deepen Creighton University's identity as a place where we seek understanding of the intersections between our lives and global issues, as well as to mature our sense of responsibility as local and global citizens will be favorably reviewed for an AAdvantage® Global Scholars Travel Grant program. 

  4. Impact on Omaha, where the study of ?the global becomes local? in an effort to further understand and engage our neighborhoods, local schools and businesses. These projects help us to more clearly understand how global events and trends express themselves in the lives of people in Omaha.

  5. International immersion and study abroad outcomes that integrate Ignatian formation as part of the experiential / immersion program. Outcomes research related to various forms of study abroad or international education collaborations that explicitly seek to leave the world a saner, stronger, and more sustainable place will be favorably reviewed for an AAdvantage® Global Scholars Travel Grant program.


  • Only research projects that have been approved by Creighton University's IRB will be considered (a statement of exemption form the IRB is needed if the research does not involve subjects).
  • Each successful applicant will receive only one award through the AAdvantage® Global Scholars Travel Grant program.
  • AAdvantage® miles certificates must be deposited into an active AAdvantage® account. If they have not already done so, applicants must join the AAdvantage® program at www.aa.com/AAdvantage or by calling the AAdvantage® membership desk at 1-800-882-8880.
  • AAdvantage® miles must be redeemed in a manner consistent with the Terms and Conditions of the AAdvantage® program, which is subject to change at any time without notice.  Details can be read in full at www.aa.com/AAdvantage by clicking on Program Details and then clicking on AAdvantage® Terms and Conditions.
  • AAdvantage® miles awarded through Creighton's AAdvantage® Global Scholars Travel Grant program may not be used for any other purpose than fulfilling the travel indicated in the application.
  • AAdvantage® miles may be used for air transportation on flights operated by American Airlines or the American Eagle® carriers, oneworld® airlines, or select AAdvantage® participating airlines and other awards available.
  • AAdvantage® miles must be used for coach class tickets and may not be used for upgrades in accordance to Creighton University grant guidelines.
  • The AAdvantage® Global Scholars Travel Grant miles may not be used for personal travelGrants will cover only travel directly related to presentation of scholarly work or conducting research.
  • Flights must be booked through Travel & Transport, Inc. Once an award is made, the Global Engagement Office will authorize T&T to book the flight through the AAdvantage® Global Scholars Travel Grant account.
  • The traveler must pay all extra fees not usually covered in the AAdvantage® program (these may include but are not limited to processing fees, passenger fees, airport fees, and taxes).
  • Travel using AAdvantage® miles is subject to government regulation, availability, capacity controls, embargo dates and certain other restrictions at the discretion of American Airlines.
  • Upon completion of the project, the awardee must submit a summary of the project / presentation to the Global Engagement Office within 30 days.  This summary will be used to provide a report to American Airlines and may be used in promotional materials for Creighton University.

Application Instructions

Applications will be received on an ongoing basis until all AAdvantage® miles have been awarded. Travel must be booked before October 15, 2018.

Complete and submit the form below to René Padilla, PhD, Vice Provost for Global Engagement at rpadilla@creighton.edu.