Bridge to Creighton






The Bridge to Creighton (B2C) is a dynamic program designed for undergraduate students with high academic potential who would benefit from additional advanced-level English language support.

B2C is not simply an ESL program; it enables eligible students to earn up to 6 credits at Creighton University while polishing vital academic skills needed for success at a top-ranked university.

In the Bridge semester, highly-qualified instructors in the Intensive English Language Institute will instruct students in essential critical reading strategies, academic vocabulary, high level English grammar, presentation and oral communication skills, and note-taking. A 3-credit composition course will provide students with practice and techniques for the writing projects found in Creighton classes. A 2-credit academic success course will orient students to many services available on Creighton's campus. Finally, a 1-credit course connects students with a faculty advisor and a small cohort of peers to examine and experience key elements of Creighton University life together.

The next semester students take full credit courses, but the IELI instructors will continue to serve as a resource for students, as well as for the students' other Creighton professors to ensure student success.

To qualify for admission to the Bridge to Creighton, you must have a TOEFL of at least 68 (IELTS 6.0) and fulfill all of the other application and admission requirements of Creighton university undergraduate programs.

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