International Student Association

International Student Association
Organization Abbreviation

Mission Statement
To celebrate the diversity and to promote the rich heritage of the people of international world at Creighton University. We also aim to bring together all students, staff, faculty, and administrators and their family members and people in the Omaha area, whatever nationality they may be.

2016-2017 ISA Executive Officers

President: Jeffrey Wong

Vice President: Simeon Gboun

VP for Finance (Treasurer): Phoebe Bui

VP for Social & Cultural Affairs:  Stephanie Rodriguez Gomez

VP for Public Relations: Amelia Taule Fiallo

VP for Administrative Affairs (Secretary):  Sophie Wang

Moderator: Shama Ali

Description of Executive Roles

-facilitates work of organization
-plans meeting agendas
-call and conducts meetings
-conducts all official organization business
-co signs checks with Treasurer
-initiates and facilitates any new project or program
-is responsible for overseeing the ISA banquet
-responsible for Activity reports

Vice President
-acts in same capacity as the President, as delegated or in the President?s absence
-is responsible for recruitment and keeping membership records
-shadows and works closely with President
-co-signs checks with the Treasurer
-assists Public Relations VP in working on the program brochures for banquet

 VP for Social and Cultural Affairs
-plans and oversees activities and events
-makes preparations for the events and acts as an event coordinator
-is responsible for the performances etc. for the ISA banquet

VP of Administrative Affairs (Secretary)
-shall keep all records of the proceedings of the organization and all meetings
-keeps track of committees and their members
-records the minutes of each meeting to distribute to the exec team and membership
-assists VP to keep track of membership records

VP of Finance (Treasurer)
-is responsible for the management and recording of the organization?s financial affairs
-co-signs checks with either the President or Vice President
-responsible for fund-raisers

VP for Public Relations
-acts as liaison between the organization and the Creighton community, other organizations and the Omaha Area to facilitate the organization?s mission as an information resources for the international world
-acts as a contact person for the media
-prepares posters, flyers for events
-is responsible for advertising for activities and events