Domestic Faculty-Led Programs

FALL 2020

Contact Rene Padilla, ( for information on exceptions.

Planning a Domestic Faculty-Led Program

Domestic travel opportunities should ideally provide occasion for reflection during and after the experience. Travel participants should particularly take into consideration the impact the program and its participants may have on the environment and the people of the locations visited. 

The student learning outcomes and overall student experience shall be assessed at the conclusion of the program. Please refer to the academic assessment plan available in the College or School granting credit for international courses. 

Leader and student responsibilities for curricular domestic travel are the same as those described above for international travel. Likewise, domestic travel programs will follow the same student application, selection and approval process as the international programs, with the exception that only an Assumption of Risk and Release Waiver form will be required by the Global Engagement Office (GEO). 

1. Review the Travel Policy

All travel sponsored, organized, facilitated or encouraged by Creighton University must be under the oversight of an administrative unit of the University.

2. Obtain Approval from your College or School

Each College or School has its own course approval process.  The dean of the College or School granting the credit (or to whom the faculty leader reports) must first approve of plans to assure they are consistent with the mission of the College / School.  Please contact your Dean's Office for information on how to submit a domestic travel program for approval.

3. Verify Distance

Only travel beyond 75 miles form the Omaha Metropolitan Area must be registered. 

4. Complete the Registration Form

Please download the form linked below, complete the requested information and send to René Padilla, PhD, Vice Provost for Global Engagement ( at least 30 days before the planned domestic trip. This will permit review and evaluation whether any waiver forms are required.

Once we receive this form, you will receive e-mail confirmation of receipt and instruction for next steps (if any are needed)

5. Voluntary Air Travel Mitigation Fud

Creighton University members recognize the challenges of climate change and make efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), especially those from business related travel.

See details for this VOLUNTARY program HERE

Please contact René Padilla,PhD, Vice Provost for Global Engagement at (402) 280-4745 or if you have any questions.