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Scholarship Luncheon

Endowed Scholarship Donors, Recipients Meet

Donors who have contributed to endowed scholarships at Creighton University and students who benefit from those scholarships met over lunch recently in the Harper Center on campus. More than 300 attended Creighton’s inaugural Endowed Scholarship Luncheon.

Third-year medical student and emcee Geoff Hayes told those gathered that with scholarship assistance, he can pursue his dream of emergency medicine.
“I chose medicine because I feel that if you’re going to do something for a lifetime, it had better be something truly amazing and there is nothing more amazing than the things that go on inside a hospital. Life starts and stops there.”
Many students were able to personally thank benefactors who attended the luncheon. Hayes thanked Elizabeth Carlin Schultz and the Shirley and Eileen Schultz Endowed Scholarship, and Anne Dyer McGuire and the Creighton Family Medical Scholarship.
“I encourage you to keep Creighton University high on your list of philanthropic priorities,” said Grant Gibbs, a transfer student and member of the men’s basketball team. Gibbs was awarded the Dr. Lee C. Bevilacqua Memorial Endowed Scholarship, named for longtime volunteer team physician, Lee Bevilacqua, M.D. Gibbs thanked one of many donors to the scholarship – former Omaha mayor, the Hon. Michael Fahey.
“The demands of being on a team like the Bluejays kind of go with the territory, but it is all made so much easier with support from the campus community and the city of Omaha,” Gibbs said. “I never met Dr. Bevilacqua, but his loyalty to Creighton Athletics is legendary. I am sure he would be honored to know that through this scholarship, he is still with the team today – still supporting us. This scholarship is a great tribute to his memory, and I am honored to be the recipient.”
Creighton president Timothy R. Lannon, S.J., said that more than 1,000 Creighton students received endowed scholarship support this year, totaling nearly $8.2 million.

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