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Scholarship Luncheon

Students Express Gratitude to Donors

The University’s second annual Scholarship Luncheon brought together more than 200 of Creighton’s benefactors and many of the students who are the beneficiaries of their generosity.

The Feb. 4 event kicked off Founders Week at Creighton and University President Timothy R. Lannon, S.J., told the gathering that the members of the Creighton family would have been proud of those who are following their example by giving to help Creighton students.

“Each of us in our lives have crossed bridges we did not build, and drunk from wells we did not dig,” Fr. Lannon said. “Usually, we never have a chance to meet any of the people responsible for our good fortune.”

Fr. Lannon reported that the total amount of annual and endowed scholarship support this year was more than $6.2 million awarded to more than 1,200 students.

“Many of these students would not be at Creighton without this tremendous support. They have come from across the nation and several foreign countries to study in our nine schools and colleges. They have remarkable talents, and even more remarkable aspirations,” Fr. Lannon said.

Second-year law student Frank Ginsbach told the donors, and the faculty and administrators also in attendance, “The quality of the faculty here is outstanding. Here you are not a statistic.” He said the scholarship assistance he was given made it possible for him to experience the strong sense of community at Creighton.

“To all of you who help support students like me with your donations to scholarships, I want to say that the students at Creighton University do not take your generosity for granted,” Ginsbach said. “The friendships I have made, the experiences I have had – none of these would have been possible without your assistance.”

Another student, Danielle Turner, who is majoring in secondary education and Spanish, said, “Creighton has shown me the importance of being an advocate for others – knowing that there is always more that I can do and trying to find ways to glorify God in my everyday actions.”

She said her experience at Creighton has exceeded her expectations. “Before I came to Creighton, I had no experience with a Jesuit, Catholic education. I was truly surprised to see how much the faculty and staff really cares about the students. I know I have forged relationships with professors that will continue far beyond my graduation date.”

She said she was “ecstatic” when she found out she was being awarded three scholarships. Concerned about her student debt load, Turner said, “I knew it would alleviate some of the financial burden that I would encounter when I graduate . . . somehow I don’t think Spanish teachers usually command six-figure salaries!”

Turner summed up the feelings of all Creighton students who benefit from endowed or annual scholarships: “To all those who have made scholarship help available, I want to say thank you.

“You may not think what you’ve given is that much, but it makes a huge difference to us and to our families. All of you are truly an inspiration for people like me who love this University and want others to love it, too.”

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