Forms for Thesis Students

Tracking Forms for Masters Students

Advisory Committee Form - The form identifies a student's major advisor and committee members for the dissertation.  A doctoral student's committee is chaired by the student's major advisor, and consists of two faculty members qualified in the major discipline, two faculty members qualified in support areas of study, and one expert faculty member (or visiting professor) from the subject of specialization.  The completed form should be submitted to the graduate program director, and a copy should be provided to the Graduate School for inclusion in the student's file.

Plan of Study Form - This form outlines a student's plan of study.  The completed form must be signed by the student's Advisory Committee, and submitted to the graduate program director.  A copy should be provided to the Graduate School for inclusion in the student's file.

Permission to Register - This form should be completed for each term in which a student wishes to register for courses.  The selected courses must be reviewed and approved by the student's major advisor.  Once the courses have been approved, the student may register online through NEST, or bring the form to the Graduate School to be registered.

Progress Report - Toward the end of each semester, each student is required to meet with their Advisory Committee and report on the progress made during that semester.  The completed Progress Report must be turned in to the Graduate Program Coordinator, and a copy provided to the Graduate School.

Application for Final Oral Examination - This completed form should be submitted to the Graduate School office at least 3 weeks before a student plans to take the final oral examination.  If the final oral examination is waived, the form should be submitted 3 weeks before the final dissertation is due in the Graduate School office.

Degree Checklist - Please select the appropriate departmental link below for a complete checklist of tasks that need to be completed prior to graduation.

Application for Degree - Students must submit an Application for Degree through NEST by October 10, February 10, or June 10 for graduation at the end of the Fall, Spring, or Summer terms, respectively.

Final Report on Candidate for Degree - When the thesis has been defended, and all necessary revisions have been made to the thesis, the student's major advisor should submit this Final Report to the Graduate School.

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