All GSG representatives serve on committees. Committees seek to uphold the Jesuit identity of the university.

 Each committee is as follows for the Spring 2014 Semester:

Election Committee
Chair: Thomas Myers, Clinical Anatomy
Members:  TBA.

Service Committee
Chair: Urvi Gala, Pharmaceutical Sciences
Members: Vikash Kansal, Biomedical Sciences
               Keith Vrbicky, Clinical Anatomy
               Sean Purtell, Clinical Anatomy
               Nathaniel Rosol, Clinical Anatomy
               Daniel Adam, Clinical Anatomy
               Thomas Myers, Clinical Anatomy

Social Committee
Chair: Curtis Scott Jordan, East-West Studies

Student Life Committee
Chair: Cody Barta, Biomedical Sciences
Members: Sanette Hall, Biomedical Sciences
Rochelle Wickramasekara, Biomedical Sciences
Ankita Aggrawal, Medical Microbiology & Immunology



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