Committee Mission

  • The GSG Service Committee will seek to unify members of the Graduate School into a unified effort to serve the community. 
  • The Service Committee will serve as the organizing, administrative, and motivational core that brings graduate student volunteers and service opportunities together.

Committee Members

2014 Chair: Urvi Gala, Pharmaceutical Sciences
2014 Members: Vikash Kansal, Biomedical Sciences
               Keith Vrbicky, Clinical Anatomy
               Sean Purtell, Clinical Anatomy
               Nathaniel Rosol, Clinical Anatomy
               Daniel Adam, Clinical Anatomy
               Thomas Myers, Clinical Anatomy


2014 Projects

    1.  Relay for Life, March 2014.

    2. Habitat for Humanity, May 3rd 2014

    3. Clothing Drive, June 23rd-25th 2014

    4. Habitat for Humanity, September 6th 2014

    5. Clothing Drive, June 23rd-25th 2014

    6. St Stephen Center Service Trip, October 4th

    7. GSG Food Drive, November 20-21st 2014