Individual Volunteer Opportunities

The following are individual volunteering opportunities which could be pursued:

1.    Event/ Organization: Tutoring young black youth -Jesuit Academy in North Omaha
Description: Teaching
Contact Information:  President - Fr. Tom Neitzke ,

2.    Event/ Organization: Pantene® Beautiful Lengths
Description:  Hair donation for cancer patients.
Contact Information:

3.    Event/ Organization: Restored Hope
Description:  Help with child care, while their single mothers restructure their lives.
Contact Information:

4.    Event/ Organization: Food Bank for Heartland
Description:  Help in cooking, serving, maintenance etc. of the food bank.
Contact Information:

5.    Event/ Organization: Help Adult Services
Description:  Be a companion to relieve a family caregiver, help to deliver medical equipment etc.
Contact Information:

6.    Event/ Organization: Nebraskans for Peace
Description:  Help in creating awareness against violence towards women, in school etc.
Contact Information:

7.    Event/ Organization: Omaha Public Library
Description:  Help in shelving books, doing inventories etc.
Contact Information:

8.    Event/ Organization: Urban League of Nebraska
Description: Help in an array of socio-economic developmental work
Contact Information:

9.    Event/ Organization:  Special Olympics Nebraska
Description: Work with people of all age groups that have various intellectual disabilities to help coach, fundraise, and organize events
Contact Information:

10.    Event/ Organization: Siena/Francis House Homeless Shelter
Description: Help in various events pertaining to upliftment of homeless people.
Contact Information:

Note: Some of the above events may require training and background checks.  

More volunteering opportunities can be found at: