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Committee Mission

  • Fostering a sense of community among graduate students within the Creighton University Graduate Program through various social activities.

Committee Members

Chair: Curtis Scott Jordan, East-West Studies

Current Projects

1.  Coffee and Cocoa with GSG

2.  March Madness

3. X-men Movie at Midtown Cinema

GSG March Madness-Correction to Sign up

Feel like Putting Your Bracketology to the Test? Then Let the Madness Begin! Join the Graduate School's 2014 NCAA Men's Basketball Bracket Challenge.  See how you match up against your fellow classmates and see whose brackets will go bust and who will hold out until the final game. Any Creighton graduate student is eligible to compete and participation is free! Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 people with the most points by the end.

To sign up for March Madness:

1) Go to http://cugraduateschool.mayhem.cbssports.com/e?ttag=BPM14_em_cbsinv

2) Register with CBSSports.com (or sign in if you already have an account)

3) Use the group password (cubluejays014) to become part of the Creighton University Graduate School group

4) Make your bracket by 11:00 AM on Thursday March 20th

For any additional questions contact Scott Jordan at curtisjordan@creighton.edu

Rules for Creighton University's Graduate School Bracket Challenge:

  • You are allowed to submit one bracket.
  • Points:
  • Each win in Round One gets 1 point, the seed of the team is added to that point.
  • Each win in Round Two gets 2 points, the seed of the team is added to that point.
  • Each win in the Sweet Sixteen gets 4 points only.
  • Each win in the Elite Eight gets 8 points only.
  • Each win in the Final Four gets 16 points only.
  • Correctly picking the champion gets you 32 points.
  • The total score of the championship game acts as tiebreaker.