Student Life

Committee Mission

  • The Committee will serve to plan programs and events for graduate students aiming to ensure that all aspects of graduate student life are addressed by Creighton’s faculty, administration, and staff.
  • The Student Life Committee aims to serve Graduate students in both their informal and formal pursuits through the duration of their enrollment in the Creighton University Graduate School.

Committee Members

2014 Chair:Cody Barta, Biomedical Sciences

2014 Members: Sanette Hall, Biomedical Sciences
Rochelle Wickramasekara, Biomedical Sciences
     Ankita Aggrawal, Medical Microbiolgy & Immunology


2014 Projects

  1. Promote healthy living, we organized a group of gardeners that maintained three plots in the Ignatian Gardens.
  2. GSG Bowling Event, March 23rd
  3. Healthy Meal Cooking Class, April 24th
  4. MudFactor Run, May 17th
  5. Cooking Class, August 12th