GSG Executive and Committee Chair Info

Executives: President, Vice President, Treasurer, CSU Representative, Secretary and Online Student Representative


All GSG executives shall:

1.     Attend all executive board and GSG All Member meetings as called by the President.

a.     Executives shall not be absent from more than one executive board meetings and one GSG meeting per semester.

2.     Each executive will be required to respond to all GSG matters either by phone, email or in person in a timely manner.

3.     Support the events, activities, and traditions of the students and the university through participation and attendance.

4.     Attend GSG sponsored events

a.     Executives excessively absent from GSG events will be subject to disciplinary action at the discretion of the President and the GSG Moderator.

5.     Represent the concerns and interests of the graduate student body.

6.     Form ad-hoc committees to deal with specific issues.

7.     Uphold the mission of Creighton University and advocate for the rights of graduate students.

8.     Propose resolutions and acts for the GSG.



The GSG President shall:

1.     schedule all regular meetings of the GSG.

a.     The President shall convene the Executive Board no less than twice a month.

b.     The President shall convene All Member Meetings once a month

2.     Preside over all GSG meetings.

3.     act as an ex officio member of all committees.

4.     Represent the GSG at meetings of the CSU Cabinet<s> </s>or, if necessary, delegate this responsibility.

5.     be responsible for the execution of all provisions of this Constitution.

6.     carry out newly enacted resolutions and legislation of the GSG.

7.     report all executive action of CSU to GSG.

8.     Not serve as President of another student organization.

9.     Attend CSU Cabinet Meetings


The GSG Vice President shall:

1.     Assume the duties of the President in his/her absence.

2.     Assume duties assigned by the President.

3.     Assist the President in his/her duties.

4.     Chair the Election Committee unless seeking a different position on the Executive Board

a.     Inform students about all upcoming elections.

b.     Obtain results and announce new executives and committee chairs.

c.     Prepare congratulatory letters for new executives and new committee chairs.

d.     Aid in any other elections that may arise.

e.     Inform the Executive Board of the names and contact information of new executives and new committee chairs.

5.     Serve as liaison to the GSG Committees and attend the monthly meetings held by GSG committees when possible.

6.     Provide for continuity of programs and activities.

Maintain a binder with information regarding their position


The GSG Treasurer shall:

1.     Assume the responsibility of managing and allocating the funds of the GSG, with approval of the president.

2.     Keep accurate records of all GSG funds.

3.     Prepare reports on such funds at the request of the President or GSG Advisor.

4.     Chair the Finance Committee if the committee is deemed necessary.

5.     Not serve as Treasurer of any other student organization.


The CSU Representative Shall:

1.     Attend all CSU Board meetings and represent the interests of the members of the GSG.

2.     Report the content of said meetings to the GSG executives and committee chairs.

3.     Inform incoming CSU Representative of proper parliamentary procedure for CSU meetings.

4.     Be the sole representative for the GSG to CSU.

5.     Maintain parliamentary procedure at all meetings.



The Online Student Representative shall:

  1. Serve as the voice for all online students from all programs

  2. Coordinate/initiate events for online students within their regions

  3. Serve as main contact for online students to voice their opinions/ideas/questions

  4. Serve as an advocate for online students within GSG

The GSG Secretary shall:

1.     Take attendance at meetings.

2.     Draft a fair and accurate record of all meetings and distribute copies to each member of the Executive Board and committee chairs.

3.     Post notices at the request of the President, including emergency meetings.

4.     Maintain an accurate and updated list of email addresses of all GSG executives and committee chairs.

5.     Maintain a file of all current GSG policies and resolutions.

6.     Inform the GSG Advisor of new executives and committee chairs.

7.     Assist the Vice President in the application process for elections

8.     Update and maintain the GSG website.

9.     Publish All Member Meeting minutes

10.  Oversee the announcements for the GSG Newsletter.

11.  Update and maintain social media sites.


Committee Chairs: Service Chair, Social Chair, Student Life Chair, Internal/External Affairs, Marketing/Social Media

All Committee Chairs shall:

1.    Attend all GSG All Member Meetings.

a.    Committee chairs shall miss no more than 1 GSG All Member Meeting per semester.

2.    Support the events, activities, and traditions of the students and the university through participation and attendance.

3.    Each committee chair shall attend all GSG events planned by their committee.

4.    Have the option to serve on ad-hoc committees of the GSG.

5.    Represent the concerns and issues of the graduate student body.

6.    Uphold the mission of Creighton University and advocate the rights of the graduate students.

7.    Propose resolutions and acts for the GSG.

8.    Form committees made up of Creighton graduate students. Committees will consist of a minimum of 3 members

9.    Schedule and attend committee meetings a minimum of once per month

10. Plan a minimum of 2 events in the fall and spring semesters and 1 event in the summer semester.

11. Committee chairs shall send the minutes from their committee meetings to the Vice President



The Service Committee is responsible for providing opportunities for the GSG and the graduate student body to participate in service events.

The Social Committee is responsible for fostering a sense of community among graduate students within the Creighton University Graduate Program through various social activities.

The purpose of the Student Life Committee is to program for, support, and advocate issues relevant in addressing graduate student life concerns.

The Marketing and Social Media Chair will work closely with all other members of GSG to promote all GSG events. The Marketing and Social Media Chair will manage current and new innovative social media platforms including CUInvolved, Twitter and Facebook. The Marketing and Social Media committee will use social media sites to create a strong social media presence and to bring more attention to GSG’s events.

The Internal/External Affairs Chair is responsible for focusing on coordinating between the GSG executive branch and all graduate students. The GSG Internal/External Affairs Chair will be the liaison for the graduate school student body including online students. The GSG Internal/External Affairs Chair will focus on connecting the larger community to our executive community.