All graduate student organizations, graduate students, and GSG representatives are eligible to apply for funding from the GSG. Any graduate student seeking funding on an individual basis is only eligible to apply for monies related to academic opportunities. The GSG funding process has been established to distribute the student rebate fee, a fee for student programming all students pay, among the graduate student community in a fair and effective manner. The funding processes will give focus to on-campus events that provide opportunities for academic learning and social camaraderie. To find out more about the processes click on the adjacent links or contact one of the GSG officers today!

How is GSG funded?

1.    Graduate Students enroll in classes and pay student fees each semester

2.    CSU confirms the # of graduate students enrolled each semester and calculates GSG's rebate for the semester

3.    GSG receives the rebate funds from CSU (This process takes up to 2 months after the semester begins)

4.    GSG distributes student rebate fees as outlined in GSG's Policies and Procedures