Student Organizations

GSG funds graduate student organizations at Creighton University. The student organization must meet all SAO/CSU/GSG guidelines.

To receive funding the organization must:

1.    Download and complete the Graduate Student Organization Budget Form each semester:

2.    Turn in the completed form, no later than the third Monday of the semester , to the GSG office in the Graduate School GSG office Eppley B11.

3. Contact the GSG Treasurer Lauren Cox once the form is turned in.

3.    The Finance Committee will review the organization's budget. The student organization will be notified by CUemail of the committee's decision.

4.    Keep track of all original receipts accumulated throughout the semester. Submit the original receipts with the completed End of the Semester Report Form (plus copies of each) to the GSG office Eppley B11 by the last Monday  in November/April.

a.    The original receipts will be turned in to CSU and GSG will keep the copy of the receipts.

Please see GSG's Policies and Procedures for any further details.