April 2012 Student Spotlight

April 2012 Student Spotlight



Laura Armas


Hometown: Omaha, NE
Program of study: Clinical and Translational Science

Why did you choose Creighton? I have been at Creighton since 1997; first as a medical student, and then in residency and fellowship training before joining as faculty. I was drawn to Creighton because of the mission of service to others.

What made you decide to pursue education in this program? The clinical and translational research program fit well with my goals of furthering my training in clinical research.

What are your interests outside of graduate school?  I have 3 small children which keep me busy. I also love reading and baking.

What experiences at Creighton have best prepared you for life after Creighton? My clinical training in endocrinology and my mentors in clinical research have provided the best practical preparation for a research career.

What is your most memorable experience at Creighton? My most memorable experience is probably all of the close friendships I have developed with other students and my mentors.

What is one thing that you have accomplished that makes you proud? I love to write and publishing my research is one of the most fulfilling parts of my job. Publishing my Master's Thesis in a peer reviewed journal was especially gratifying.

What have you most enjoyed about your experience at Creighton? Again, I can't overemphasize the role that my mentors have played in both my experience at Creighton and my career path.

Are you involved in any community service activities? I am very involved in my church.


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