December 2011 Student Spotlight

December 2011 Student Spotlight



Katherine Garrett


Hometown: Glenwood, IA
Program of study: MS, Physics

Why did you choose Creighton? I attended undergrad at Creighton, so I actually chose Creighton twice! I originally came to Creighton because of a great visit I had while I was in high school. Two physics majors showed me around Dr. Nichol's biophysical optics research lab; their enthusiasm, their early involvement in research, and getting to see lasers (of course) convinced me this was the best place close to home! I chose to continue with a master's degree at Creighton because I wasn't ready to commit to a PhD program, but I didn't feel ready to enter the workplace, either.

What made you decide to pursue education in this program? First and foremost, I'm in this program because I love physics! But also, during my senior year, I was reconsidering whether I wanted to enter a PhD program following my undergraduate education and though ti would be best to complete the master's program while looking at other career path options. 

What are your interests outside of graduate school? My family lives nearby so I love getting to spend time with them (especially my one year old nephew!). I love playing the piano, crocheting (my newest hobby), and my two cats, Cheetoh and The Dude. I'm also currently teaching a course at Colelge of Saint Mary which I have enjoyed very much!

What experiences at Creighton have best prepared you for life after Creighton? As a graduate student, interacting with a variety of students has helped prepare me to tech in the future. Working with professors as a teaching fellow (TF) has also given me several great examples of teaching and has helped me see what makes an effective educator.

What is your most memorable experience at Creighton? As an undergraduate, my most memorable experience was taking a senior perspective course with Dr. Fajardo in the English department. As a graduate student, my most memorable experience was when I first started as a TF over the summer of 2010; being a TF For the first time was overwhelming and challenging, but made me realize how much I love teaching!

What is one thing that you have accomplished that makes you proud? In 2008, I was awarded Goldwater and Clare Boothe Luce scholarships for my research and also had my first article published as co-author.

What have you most enjoyed about your experience at Creighton? The most enjoyable part about being a graduate student by far has been teaching students. Helping students learn and become interested in physics has been the most challenging but also most rewarding part of my education.

Are you involved in any community service activities? If so please specify. I'm not currently involved in any community service as I'm very busy finishing my last semester here.


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