October 2011 Student Spotlight

October 2011 Student Spotlight



Kassandra Montag


Hometown: Kearney, NE
Program of study: Master's Degree in English

Why did you choose Creighton? After researching Creighton's English Master's program, I felt it would be a challenging program with high standards that would prepare me for many different possibilities in my future. I also liked the structure of the program, which offered different concentrations of study, and therefore some flexibility for students to pursue their interests. I read some of the faculty's work before I decided where to study and was quite impressed with it - so I was excited about working with people I respected in the field.

What made you decide to pursue education in this program? I wanted to develop my creative writing and analytical writing skills, my ability to examine ideas, and my capability to teach and communicate effectively about my greatest interest (literature).

What are your interests outside of graduate school? My interests outside of graduate school include: painting, wine tasting, film, dance, and yoga.

What experiences at Creighton have best prepared you for life after college? I feel that the teaching I have done in my practicum and also in all of the seminars and workshops I have taken has done a lot in preparing me for what comes next in my life. This practice of sharing and communication that is articulate, concentrated, and significant will be an important aspect in my life always, both professionally and personally.

What is your most memorable experience at Creighton? My most memorable experience at Creighton was receiving the Outstanding Graduate Students of the Year award at the end of my first year - the ceremony for the award gave a real sense of community and support to all the hard work I have put into my studies.

What is one thing that you have accomplished that makes you proud? One accomplishment I'm proud of is the three publications of poetry I had last year (my first year in the program).

What have you most enjoyed about your experience at Creighton? My favorite part of my experience at Creighton has undoubtedly been the time I have spent learning and being around excellent faculty and admirable peers, and continually sharing what we learn and experience with each other.



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