October 2012 Student Spotlight

October 2012 Student Spotlight



Victoria "Tori" Shelton


Hometown: Cleveland, OH
Program of study: Magis Catholic Teacher Corps M.S. School Counseling

Why did you choose Creighton? I chose Creighton because I wanted to continue studying at a Jesuit university following my graduate from John Carroll University in Cleveland, OH. I also chose Creighton because of the opportunity to be in the Magis Catholic Teacher Corps. I could not pass up the opportunity to attend Creighton, be part of a faith based program, and expand my horizons by living in a new state.

What made you decide to pursue education in this program? The Magis program fits me perfectly because it combines my faith, academics I enjoy, and also community building with other teachers. My experience at Creighton has been great so far and I am benefiting so much from the support of my fellow community members and the Creighton community.

What are your interests outside of graduate school?  Outside of graduate school I enjoy cooking, spending time with friends, outdoor activities, exercising, going to museums, and exploring events in Omaha.

 What experiences at Creighton have best prepared you for life after Creighton? Through Creighton and my Magis program, the importance of living out the Jesuit charisms in my day to day life beyond school has been strengthened and I will carry that with me after Creighton. It really comes down to doing your best for the glory of God while also recognizing we are all part of His creation. After graduate school I feel as though I will also be prepared to serve others as a counselor. I have been reminded of simple but important things like making sure you are taking care of yourself before you care for others. I have also been reminded of the importance of being as prepared as possible to counsel any type of person who enters your counseling office.

What is your most memorable experience at Creighton? My most memorable experience at Creighton is probably the summers I spend in Kenefick with the other members of my program. I will definitely carry with me the many great times spent cooking, laughing, and spending time with twenty or so fellow teachers.

What is one thing that you have accomplished that makes you proud? I am proud that I made it through my first year of teaching and still have remained strong with my core concepts, beliefs, and strengths intact. I could not have done this without the support of professors and fellow classmates.

What have you most enjoyed about your experience at Creighton? In addition to being able to spend summers on campus, I have really enjoyed my classes and professors overall. I have gained a lot of professional insight and made great connections with others who are also in my counseling program. I feel as I am not only part of the Magis program, but also another community I have found within those in my counseling track. They are some of the kindest and caring people I have ever met.

Are you involved in any community service activities? In addition to teaching my students at Holy Ghost, I help volunteer at our Fish Frys and Vacation Bible School during the summer when my schedule allows it.


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