Thesis/Dissertation Guidelines

The thesis or dissertation is a written, scholarly presentation of original research that is submitted and defended as partial fulfillment of requirements for a graduate degree. To some extent, the format and style of these documents are based on disciplinary norms and those guidelines must be provided by the various departments providing graduate education. For this reason, the style of citation is not specified by the graduate school because the disciplinary norms or publication styles of the basic sciences, for example, would be very different from the style used in the humanities. It is recommended that each department adopt a formal style manual to which students may refer and to which students must adhere throughout their program of study. There are, however, some issues of consistency in format for all theses or dissertations produced by the Creighton University Graduate School. These Web pages should assist the student in addressing the requirements of the Graduate School for this important "publication."

About Electronic Thesis/Dissertation

In 2008, the Graduate Board at Creighton University approved the use of Electronic Theses and Dissertations as the official method of storage for theses and dissertations for the University. 

Effective September 2010, all students are required to submit an electronic copy of their thesis/dissertation to the Creighton Digital Repository (CDR) on the University Libraries' website.  When the thesis/dissertation has been approved by a Creighton reviewer, Creighton University will submit the approved thesis/dissertation to UMI/ProQuest on the student's behalf. Please see the Submission page.