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Responsibilities of Students and Faculty in the Dissertation Process


1.     Selects a dissertation advisor with the guidance of the Ed.D. Program
        Director and other core faculty. 

2.     Working with the dissertation chairperson, invites other dissertation
        committee members 

3.     Completes the proposal as part of ILD 899 (first 3 hours) and
        arranges for the committee review 

4.     Uses APA Guidelines for the dissertation

5.     Meets required deadlines for submission of documents/revisions

6.     Arranges for the committee review of the dissertation along with
        the guidance of the dissertation chairperson

Dissertation Chair:

1.     Agrees to serve as chair and is available to work with the student

2.     Helps guide the candidate to define a topic that is realistic

3.     Assists in clarifying the role of the advisor and committee

4.     Guides the candidate in writing the proposal with appropriate

5.     Approves the proposal for review by the committee

6.     Maintains contact and working relationship with the candidate

7.     Supervises all aspects of the study and writing

8.     Approves the dissertation for final committee review and defense

9.     Helps schedule the final defense

10.   Provides guidance for dissemination

Committee Members:

1.     Provide assistance on the dissertation in areas of expertise

2.     Provide constructive feedback in a timely manner

3.     Are available to participate in proposal review, dissertation defense, and
        plans for dissemination