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Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP)


The Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP) is required of doctoral students enrolled in the Interdisciplinary Ed.D. Program in Leadership at Creighton University.  The intent is for a doctoral student, using the IPDP, to work with the academic advisor and supervisory committee, to create a program of studies to help the student accomplish personal and professional goals.


Each doctoral student should have a set of expectations that they wish to accomplish at the point of receiving their doctoral degree. The IPDP is an extension of the application goal statement encouraging a student to: 1) break the goals down into discernible objective; 2) describe activities to accomplish the goals; 3) indicate how outcomes of their activities will be measured; and 4) provide the timetable for completing the objectives. The IPDP should be considered a dynamic document that is amenable to change as goals are achieved or as new circumstances arise.

The IPDP can serve as an outline for development of a reflective portfolio the student should finish by completion of their doctoral program.

Example IPDP:

Click here to view a sample IPDP, provided by the consultants, to demonstrate how an IPDP can be developed.  This is not the sole form for an IPDP, but it does cover essential aspects.

Click here to view IPDP template