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Professional Performance Portfolio

The comprehensive examination for the Interdisciplinary Doctorate of Education Program in Leadership will be the Professional Performance Portfolio (PPP).  The development and maintenance of the PPP is the responsibility of the student and their advisor. The portfolio will include the studentís Individualized Professional Development Plan (IPDP), data from the Gallup StrengthsQuest Inventory, relate to the studentís personal goals, field of study, competencies, and program goals, and at least once each semester will include evidence of a studentís progress. 

The portfolio will become an integral part of the studentís doctoral experiences. It actually begins with material submitted during application for admission. The portfolio should be regarded much like an artistís portfolio, building it continually through the studentís program. 

The professional performance portfolio will truly provide the evidence of outcomes that the student has achieved in their program. The portfolio must be tied to personal and professional goals established by the student in conjunction with their advisor as the program of studies is developed.  The purposes of the Professional Performance Portfolio (PPP) are as follows:

  • Provide documentation of your leadership profile.
  • Provide documentation of your experiences.
  • Provide evidence about your growth and development during the Ed.D. program experience.
  • Provide an opportunity for you to conduct self-assessment as a reflective practitioner.
  • Provide an opportunity for your advisor and supervisory committee to assess your progress in meeting your goals and recommend any modifications or refinements of your program of studies.
  • Provide a record of academic accomplishment and experiences that will help you in pursuing professional employment.

Portfolio Process

It is the studentís responsibility to maintain the reflective-practitioner report and keep it current and relevant.

1.    The portfolio should include a reflection at the end of each course by the student indicating progress made on the program and goals/objectives that were generated at the time of the Program of Studies. Additional goals, courses and experiences may be identified as appropriate.

2.    The portfolio should be organized so that it is related to the studentís doctoral program and their personal goals. This should be updated with new material at least once each term.

3.    The portfolio should contain materials that provide evidence of coursework, experiences and activities that are appropriate in reflecting the goals and objectives.

4.    Some examples of items that might be in the portfolio are the following:

Leadership profileópre and post measures; Research papers; Position statement; StrengthsQuest Inventory; Articles written/submitted; Philosophical statements; Course projects and experiences; Practicum projects/logs/reflections; Notes or summary statements about conferences attended; A summary or journal of studentís experiences during the program; Summaries of research, books, or articles read by the student; Awards, honors received; Letters of commendation or thanks for service performed; Evidence of leadership; Examinations or projects from classes completed.

5.    The PPP will be reviewed and updated at the end of each year and shared with the Supervisory Committee and during a virtual learning community meeting with their cohort members.

6.    Before the oral defense of the dissertation, the student must provide a current vita for the Portfolio. 

7.    The concluding section of the portfolio will be a ďreflective-practitionerĒ report bringing together the contents of the annual reflective-practitioner report in a summary manner and reflecting on the experiences and ways in which they met their established goals.

The Professional Performance Portfolio is to be presented to the Supervisory Committee prior to the Oral Defense of the Dissertation. As part of the defense, the candidate may be examined about the PPP as well as their dissertation.

NOTE:  The PPP will be an electronic portfolio.