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The mission of the Interdisciplinary Doctorate of Education Program in Leadership is centered on developing leaders who use their skills to promote social justice, and societal and organizational change.  Drawing on the Jesuit tradition of Creighton University, the program is built on a leadership model that encourages continual, critical self-reflection. With increasing self-knowledge, leaders are empowered to work mindfully toward a more just community, workplace, and world.  The concept of leaders as stewards of an organization are emphasized during each course and promoted through practicum and research activities. Program faculty and students come from a variety of disciplines and professions and as such provide a rich interdisciplinary learning community for understanding the nature and role of interdisciplinary work in today’s world. The collaborative learning community will be shaped by the Jesuit ideals of academic excellence, respect for human dignity, and a faith that does justice. The vision for the program graduates is that they will possess skills to lead and will have internalized faith-based values that will guide their efforts at personal and organizational change.

The mission is carried out and fulfilled by attention to the following programmatic themes. These themes describe the leaders the program strives to develop:

  • Leaders who experience, appreciate, and are prepared to pursue integrative learning in a collaborative community of practice.
  • Leaders who possess moral courage and skills to innovate, adapt, and act in a changing world striving for a more just society.
  • Leaders who develop professionally through a process of formation using continual self-reflection.
  • Leaders who understand the organizational and system challenges and opportunities in interdisciplinary work and practice.