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Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the Interdisciplinary Doctorate of Education Program in Leadership demonstrate the following with an interdisciplinary perspective: 

1.   Leadership skill that is rooted in faith, justice, and ethics with a global perspective. 

2.   A continued interest and utilization of reflective practices as a means for professional and personal growth, for themselves and those they serve and lead. 

3.   Understanding, integration, and utilization of organizational theory in practice. 

4.   Understanding, integration and utilization of leadership theories and practices in practice. 

5.   Integration and utilization of change theory in practice. 

6.   Effective interpersonal and organizational communication. 

7.   Knowledge and application of funding and budgeting processes in organizations. 

8.   Knowledge and application of legal principles applicable to organizations. 

9.   Utilization of technology as a transformative agent in organizations. 

10. Creativity in designing, developing, applying, and assessing research ideas to improve practice.